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Lying · Pierrot

Le conte du Charlotte Pierrot

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hopeful hopeful
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cheerful cheerful
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  • It's painful stuff.
  • My French final is the only final I'm actually worried about.
  • I... don't understand how my geometry final could be multiple choice...? How are we supposed to prove our proof prowress now?
  • Finals schedule:
  • Today: Business Law + English
  • Tomorrow: French + Chemistry + Government
  • Friday: Geometry
  • I get out of school early on Friday because I have a prep that day. 
  • Looking into legit BJDs. Mom really likes the Tiny Delfs. Especially the one that looks like he could be narcoleptic.
  • We also looked at Bluefairy (IT ATE MINORU WORLD!). Mom likes Sarang the best. I personally like her a lot too.
  • Decoding Tiny Fairy girl body names: Girl = normal, Blossom = curvy-licious, Full Blossom = as curvy as fuck.
  • Everyone's coming back for college and we're going out on vacation. Great, just another chance I don't get to see my friends.
  • I'll still see Josh, though. I feel like he's the only person I ever get to see.
working working
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  • Really fucking tired.
  • I don't want to go to school...
  • I've had 3 different people ask about Bloody Red before this buyer, but the latest buyer seems to be totally serious. Fingers crossed!
  • Messege the Romantic Alice seller. I hope this all works out as planned...
  • If this buyer drops out, I will cry myself a river of tears.
  • Parents want to go to Vegas or Cancun or some where I don't want to go with their friends over winter break.
  • I really, really don't want to go.
  • I want to stay home and run around downtown with my friends...
  • Maybe someone could host me? My parents said I could stay if I found a host...
  • I'll try asking around tomorrow. =.="
tired tired
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